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Welcome, to our last meeting (Farewell!)

I am very happy, as the owner administrator of, I can write several articles in this community., a community that was once loved by its members, is slowly being abandoned.

There are many reasons for all this to happen:

  • The proliferation of social media
  • Lack of interest in community, tends to be more individual
  • Personal busyness that takes up time
  • View that community is not something fun anymore in the world of may

For the reasons above, this is what causes to withdraw from this virtual world., which started from, must accept the defeat of the virtual world race.

Thank you, to all parties who have participated in making always exist. even though, in fact, 80% is just me alone, Terzier who wants to make sure that is always there

whatever it is, i thank you now is the time for to step down, drifting off to sleep in the beautiful memory of, its predecessor, who has retreated.


Expired Domain is more than 10 years old. More precisely 13 years. A brilliant achievement for a unique domain, which only consists of 6 words. also has had its ups and downs for a long time because hosting at that time was quite expensive to reach the best hosting. This is what sometimes makes have to temporarily disappear from the virtual world regarding hosting that is sometimes not connected. Buying a VPS is impossible, even though I have used it for some time. Due to the small amount of traffic, I decided to use shared hosting.

March 3, 2008 was precisely where came to replace its predecessor,, which had previously disappeared from the online community scene.

the active period of the domain, you can see it on this website .

How to?

To get this domain, you must first register yourself, on the website DraCoola . after all payments are correct and verified, send your login username and password at DraCoola to our mail, because we will process the domain, and we will move the domain registration to your DraCoola account. so you don't need an EPP-Key to move your domain to another party. Because, managing the switch related to EPP-Key will take a while.

And keep in mind, you only get the domain. Not with hosting. Price calculation above, is according to a domain web hosting provider with no doubt about its credibility. this includes, hosting subscription renewal prices are around $42 and domains $10 per year. bargain at a fair price, to replace the personal funds that I have spent so far. Please offer the best price that you deserve to own this domain. The link menu is in the left hand panel which you can use. And for bidding reports, will be updated every 24 hours according to the reports we get. In that sense, if there is no offer within 24 hours, we will not update. In the end, it is not the highest price or the lowest price that we receive, but the best price considering this domain for us is not just any domain

Lastly and most importantly, both in terms of ranking and SEO, is still quite good. Because of this, this domain is very profitable if used properly. And if you don't intend to buy this domain, don't make a bid.